Amazing design, easy assembly and ecological

Ecowall Booth



    A competitive solution in price and where someone can save money in assembly and disassembly, transport and futhermore it is reusable and you can recover the purchase cost of the booth over a few events.


Easy assembly

    The assembly and disassembly is measured in minutes rather than hours, which saves cost and versatility; without tools or adhesives or additional elements.


Weight and volume

    The stand takes up little space and is very light, so its distribution is very simple and also save on transporting costs in many cases by their own means or light vehicles.


Job security

    Also save on scares. This stand is made with a safe material to handle and manipulate with lightness.



    The stands can receive protective treatment that gives it fire resistant capabilities superior to conventional standards that establish fairgrounds.


100% printed

    The printing system used to print evenly over the entire surface, creating sets of large format graphics and very attractive.


Quick fabrication

    If you need a quick answer, this is the best solution. Reduced manufacturing time, logistics and assembly make this system more competitive.



    Each structure has an average longevity 3-6 uses. That gives it a superior amortization of the stand. And, depending on the use and handling may even extend more uses.

Reboard Cardboard

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